How to Get New Update When Optimum Chart New Version is released

How to Get New Update When Optimum Chart New Version is released

Optimum Chart is a compact software but with lengthy list of powerful features for your trading in Forex and Stock market. So how to deal with when we release newer version of Optimum Chart ? Getting newer version of Optimum Chart is free of charge for you. Hence, there is no extra cost for you to watch out. There are three ways of getting newer version for Optimum Chart. Just use any of these three method you prefer to get new update for Optimum Chart.

Firstly, you will get notified new version release directly from Optimum Chart. In this case, just follow the step from Optimum Chart. Update will be done automatically.

Secondly, you can access the newer version from your account page in our website. Go to Downloads menu from our website. Then click on button to download the file into your hard drive. Once you have downloaded the zip file to your hard drive, then you can unzip the Optimum Chart and you can use it straight away. Please note that Optimum Chart do not requires any complex installation process. You can use it straight away after unzipping the file.

Third, you can download new version of Optimum Chart directly from Optimum Chart Start window in your existing Optimum Chart. This does not require you to login to your account page. Below is the screenshot for the downloading operation. This is much easier way of getting newer version.


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