EURUSD Market Outlook – 14 Nov 2018

EURUSD Market Outlook - 14 Nov 2018 We have already warned you that C' level of Excessive momentum zone would be tested soon in our last post. Initial reaction of EURUSD is rather moderate although it might be early to say.


Pair Trading Station New Powerful Update is coming soon

Pair Trading Station New Powerful Update is coming soon As we have mentioned in our previous post, we are making new powerful update for pair Trading station. It is the professional statistical arbitrage tools designed for pro trader. In the new version, you can connect Pair Trading Station with Spread Analyzer automatically. There is no …

EURUSD Market Outlook-1 Nov 2018

EURUSD Market Outlook-1 Nov 2018 EURUSD also hit with the meaningful rise after long term bearish move. It went up around 80 pips after the formation of AB=CD pattern. However, the magnitude is less than GBPUSD, posted earlier. Visit our website for powerful forex tools and system for your winning trading.