Introduction to Peak Trough Analysis for Your Trading

Introduction to Peak Trough Analysis for Your Trading

After we have released the free Peak Trough Analysis tool, we have many response from  traders about their usefulness for their trading. Yes, that is exactly why we developed it. Although it is free, it can be powerful for your trading. It was not merely part of engineering plan but it was developed in seeking the coherent tool to discover the  nature of the financial market dynamics. We are not clamming that we have developed the ZigZag or fractals indicators.  However, we are saying we provide the good conceptual connection between the peak trough analysis and how to reveal the structure of the financial market dynamics. Not just intuitive manner but we have the formulated logical and reproducible ways for your trading. You can use the peak trough analysis tool without much explanation since they are very simple and easy to use.

However, if you really want to digger deeper and to have more performance with the peak trough analysis, then you can look into our E book:  Price Action and Pattern Trading Course: Theory to Practice with over 85 years of Evidence (Available in

We shows more comprehensive explanation and usage in the peak-trough analysis in this book. At the same time, in our website, the peak trough analysis is the most basic trading tool you can use. If you need  more sophisticated but automated tools for your trading, then you can visit our website. You will find much more powerful trading system than the peak trough analysis indicator. As we have mentioned, the peak trough analysis indicator is the most basic one you can use among our products.

Here are the download links for

Download link for MT4:

Download link for MT4:

Download link from

Peak Trough Analysis e1


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