Trading Investment Helper Version 1.35 released

Trading Investment Helper Version 1.35 released We have added more convenient installation features for our free and paid customers. With added Correlation Insight Heat Map together, enjoy the powerful features for your trading with version 1.35. Here are the download link for our Trading Investment Helper.


Trading Investment Helper Version 1.33 is ready to download

Trading Investment Helper Version 1.33 is ready to download Hi All Here is the exciting news. We have released Trading Investment Helper version 1.33. We added Volatility features and bullish and bearish symbol counting features. Enjoy this free powerful tool for your trading. Here is the download link for you.

Trading with Superimposed Equilibrium fractal wave

Trading with Superimposed Equilibrium fractal wave We have introduce a new trading techniques using the superimposed Equilibrium fractal waves. Since you are using multiple of equilibrium fractal waves to predict the market direction, you can make more accurate trading decision with the superimposed equilibrium fractal waves. You can read about the trading strategy on this …

Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics Powerful Update released

Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics Powerful Update released (Version 3.1) We have added another powerful feature to our Equilibrium Fractal Wave Analytics. In the new version you will be able to lock the shape ratio in your chart. This means that you can use several shape ratio at the same time. How to use is really simple. Look for …

Customers from for Free Ebooks worth 48 dollar as the part of Exclusive deal

Customers from for Free Ebooks worth 48 dollar as the part of Exclusive deal Free Ebook 1 (Price 38 dollar): Financial Trading with Five Regularities from Nature (Subtitle: Mastering the Fifth Regularity for Price Action and Pattern Trading) Free Ebook 2 (Price 10 dollar): Risk Management for Harmonic Pattern Trading (Subtitle: The Practical Guide to …