USDJPY Market Outlook-14 July 2018

USDJPY Market Outlook-14 July 2018 USDJPY approached to the supply zone even closer Today (Mean Reversion Supply Demand). During the intraday, USDJPY was nearly 30 pips close to the supply zone. We are very keen to see the price action around this supply zone next week. So stay tuned.


GBPUSD Market Outlook-13 July 2018

GBPUSD Market Outlook-13 July 2018 GBPUSD penetrated the last PRZ Type B level. GBPUSD is currently down by nearly 200 pips after the formation of Butterfly pattern. We have a 3 turning point Strength coincided with the harmonic pattern plus and Elliott wave trend.

Excessive Momentum Trading Article Updated to version 1.2

Excessive Momentum Trading Article Updated to version 1.2 Hi all. We have updated the Excessive Momentum Trading article to version 1.2. We added more screenshot and we have refined the trading entries for more general version. We hope every one can get the benefit for this powerful trading strategies. To perform the excessive momentum trading …