Candlestick Patterns Reference

Candlestick Patterns Reference

Japanese candlestick pattern is a popular pattern analysis used by many traders. It provides visual insight for buying and selling momentum present in the market. Japanese candlestick pattern can provide both entry and exit signal for traders. At the same time, many traders use them as the confirmation techniques. Japanese candlestick patterns provide both trend continuation and trend reversal patterns. The main advantage of Japanese candlestick is that they are simple and universal. Japanese candlestick pattern can be detected visually without need of the sophisticated tool. At the same time, the accuracy of the Japanese candlestick can be quite subjective to traders. Unless you want to hold your trade for one bar or two bar only, sometime Japanese candlestick pattern can predict the direction wrong against long-term price movement. So the caution must be made to use together with other technical indicator or other pattern analysis. From my experience, Japanese candlestick has more values as the confirmation technique rather than main signal for your trading. However, how you want to trade is entirely up to you.

For your information our harmonic pattern plus and price breakout pattern scanner provide Japanese candle stick pattern recognition. Japanese candlestick pattern is some bonus trading system included in these powerful trading system.


Japanese Candlestick pattterns


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