GBPUSD Market Outlook -18 Aug 2018

GBPUSD Market Outlook -18 Aug 2018 GBPUSD made a notable correction after such a long bearish movement. The correction was confirmed together with Harmonic Pattern Plus + the turning point strength of Elliott Wave Trend. Although it is only 100 pips down, the duration was made from more than 50 bars.


EURUSD Market Outlook-17 Aug 2018

EURUSD Market Outlook-17 Aug 2018 In our last post, we have spotted the potential bullish correction for GBPUSD. In fact, GBPUSD got bullish correction indeed. In addition, EURUSD is experiencing the same bullish correction too. In the price breakout pattern scanner, I have set the Allowable Margin to 0.15 at this time. If you increase …