Free tools for your trading and investment.

Free tools for your trading and investment. Do not forget that we have lots of free tools for your trading and investment. Free is really free, so enjoy them. Also you can access to our free articles and manuals in this link below:  


Trading Investment Helper Version 1.33 is ready to download

Trading Investment Helper Version 1.33 is ready to download Hi All Here is the exciting news. We have released Trading Investment Helper version 1.33. We added Volatility features and bullish and bearish symbol counting features. Enjoy this free powerful tool for your trading. Here is the download link for you.

Trading Performance Measurement

Trading Performance Measurement Here are some useful metrics to measure the performance of your trading. Hope this is useful for your profitable trading. Visit our blog to view the original post here: Metrics Description Risk free rate % Rate of return of an investment with zero risk. The risk free rate typically represent …

Demo and Live Trading

Demo and Live Trading Trading and Investment is a serious occupation requiring sufficient market knowledge and skills. In the past, we have observed starters and junior trader rushing into their live trading without sufficient market knowledge and skills sets. Junior traders in Investment Bank and Fund Management Firm are normally provided with several months of training and …