Volume Spread Analysis across multiple timeframe

You may perform volume spread analysis over several timeframes using Volume Spread Pattern Indicator. The Volume Spread Pattern Indicator has this handy function. When combined with Excessive Momentum Indicator, Volume Spread Pattern Indicator is more powerful. Check out Volume Spread Pattern Indicator MT4 for MetaTrader 4 and Volume Spread Pattern Indicator MT5 for MetaTrader 5.

Detect Price Evolution in your chart with Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner

The advanced tool Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner detects price evolution in your table. It can also be achieved with only one button press. If you're looking for a way to identify turning points in your trading, this is a great tool to use. In your MetaTrader platform, you can download the full version of Harmonic …

Wave Structural Score in Elliott Wave Trend

In Elliott Wave Trend, Wave Structural Score allows you to count Elliott Waves more precisely. Impluse Wave Structural Score and Corrective Wave Structure Score can be used to count Impluse Wave and Corrective Wave, respectively. In your MetaTrader platform, you can get the full version of Elliott Wave Trend.

Price Pattern Trading

Another common breakout pattern scanner is Advanced Price Pattern Scanner. Triangle, Falling Wedge, Rising Wedge, Head and Shoulder Pattern, Double Top and Double Bottom can all be detected. It can also recognize cup and handle patterns.

Fibonacci Volatility indicator Introduction

The Fibonacci Volatility indicator will show market volatility in your chart in a visual format. You can trade with regular, weekly, monthly, and annual volatility. The detection of breakout and reversal areas is the most significant application.

Fresh Supply And Demand Zone

Ace Supply Demand Zone is a non-repainting Supply Demand indicator that has been specially developed. You will do much better price profiling in the Forex market because you have access to both fresh supply and demand zones as well as archived supply and demand zones.

Non Repainting and Non Lagging Harmonic scanner

Harmonic scanner X3 Price Pattern Scanner is non-repainting and non-lagging. Elliott Wave Patterns and X3 Map Patterns can be observed using this instrument. This tool can also detect about 52 bearish and bullish Japanese candlestick patterns as an added bonus.