Construct Channels in your chart with EFW Analytics

You can detect superimposed Wave patterns with EFW Analytics. With just one button press, you can build advanced channels in your map. It is an excellent tool for traders seeking a scientific trading method. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 support EFW Analytics.

Elliott Wave Counting with Elliott Wave Trend

Elliott Wave Trend is a fantastic method for scientifically counting Elliott Waves in your chart. Wave Score is given by Elliott Wave Trend to avoid any inaccurate Wave counting. It also has other advanced features to examine. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 both have Elliott Wave Trend.

Detect Market Pause timing with Excessive Momentum Indictor

In Volume Spread Analysis, detecting pause timing is achieved by looking at the accumulation and distribution areas. After this market pause, for example, the market will leave with the most electricity. Excessive Momentum Indicator can be used to detect this particular moment. Excessive Momentum Indicator can also identify patterns over several timeframes.

How to Remove Take Profit and Stop Target

In the Ace Supply Demand Zone indicator for your MetaTrader platform, the screenshot shows how to delete the take profit and stop loss targets. For MetaTrader, the Ace Supply Demand Zone indicator offers an outstanding supply and demand zone trading setup.

Strength at Origin input

Ace supply demand zone Predictor uses Intensity at Origin as a primary input. You can choose between 1 and 10 for this input. In terms of relative significance, strength at Origin 1 is less important and strength at Origin 10 is more significant.

Introduction to Fractal Pattern Scanner

Our next-generation price breakout pattern scanner is the Fractal Pattern Scanner. It offers both reversal and breakout trading opportunities. It employs a statistical approach based on the Elliott Wave principle.

Rolling Ball Effect with Harmonic Pattern

If you want to trade harmonic patterns with Harmonic Pattern Plus and X3 Chart Pattern Scanner, you must consider the rolling ball effect for reversal trading. Understanding the rolling ball effect will help you save a lot of money while trading.

Defining Trading Entries and Stops

In 2014, one of the first automated Harmonic Pattern tools was announced is Harmonic Pattern Plus. It can detect well-defined trading entries and stops for common harmonic patterns. Furthermore, it recognizes Channels and 52 Japanese Candlestick Patterns.