USDJPY Market Outlook- 14 Aug 2018

USDJPY Market Outlook- 14 Aug 2018 Bullish Crab pattern in USDJPY is still effective. USDJPY is running up for 120 pips so far. USDJPY looks it is going to test the supply zone pretty soon (= with PRZ Type B levels).  


EURUSD Market Outlook-14 Aug 2018

EURUSD Market Outlook-14 Aug 2018 EURUSD is strong bearish for now. As we know, USD currency is at the center of this trade war. Having said that short term bullish move is shown in low timeframe.  We do show this bullish AB=CD pattern because it is coincided with Elliott Wave Trend confirmation. However it is rather …

Harmonic Volatility Indicator Version 5.1 Updated.

Harmonic Volatility Indicator Version 5.1 Updated. Please note that Harmonic Volatility Indicator version 5.1 is updated on On, they are still processing the version 5.1. So stay tuned. Although we can not control, hopefully. They will process before end of this week. How to download new version. Of course you can do it …

Tips for Mean Reversion Supply Demand

Tips for Mean Reversion Supply Demand If you need any tips for our Mean Reversion Supply Demand, simply visit this tips page here. Here are also the product page, you can get some information too about it.