Brexit Effect ?

Now, there are a lot of theories and predictions about the effect of Brexit on the British Economics. Well, prediction is particularly difficult if they try to foresee far distant future. It seems that  a lot of views from economists are quite diverging. But the pounds is falling after Brexit decision from the potential expectation for Britain to grow …


New updates available from

As we have written on our last blog, Following products are updated with automatic round number detection on Precision Support Resistance  version 6.8 Price Breakout Pattern Scanner version 6.2 Smart Renko version 6.1   ATI Website:  

ATI Training course

If you want to become successful traders and investors, we can maximize your chance for that by sharing our decade of experience. You can reduce your trials & errors for your successful trading with the dedicated Training offered from ATI. We been though many training course from prop trading firm and dedicated education center at London. So we built …

Elliott Wave Trend tool New update was made to

Elliott Wave Trend tool version 5.1 is updated to and it may take 2 or 3 days to be able to download. In version 5.1, Two additional buttons and one improvement are made to our Elliott Wav… Source: Elliott Wave Trend tool New update was made to