Forex Trading for Beginners

Forex Trading for Beginners

Forex Trading For Beginners We will have some important discussion over Forex trading for Beginners. I am not going to make you bored by talking too much. But, I will get into the main point straight away for your Forex trading and for you Stock market trading. The most important question to ask is where is the winning opportunity for Forex Trading? This is the question every trader should and must ask. The simple answer is that this image visualize such a winning opportunity. Say that the market or for an example, EURUSD or Bitcoin have the large cycle and small cycle. Your best opportunity will be in the area where both small and large cycles are boosted together shown as the dotted line in the image. That is the thin intersection where both experienced momentum trader and experienced reversal trader are jumping in together. However, there is one problem in this image although its concept is perfectly sound. For example, the market does not have the deterministic cycle, which we can track its peak and trough with fixed time interval as in the sine curve of the Physics text book. Hence, this image is only educational to conceptualize the trading idea. If it was like that, the money making in Forex or Stock market would have been so much easier buying EURUSD on Monday low and selling at Friday high something like this or similar. In fact, what makes us hard is that the market cycle is non deterministic or stochastic.

Please watch YouTube video for full explanation:


In addition, we also have more detailed explanation in this blog here.



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