Optimum Chart New Version 1.73 Released

Optimum Chart New Version 1.73 Released

Dear Optimum Chart Users

We have just released Version 1.73 for Optimum Chart.

In version 1.73, we have made a multiple of improvement on following areas:

  • Correlation Ranking Heat Map: Simplified user interface. Tidy up many unused parts
  • Fractal Moving Average Indicator: This moving average indicator was finally added to Optimum Chart to be used together with Fractal Pattern Indicator.
  • Improvement over the data management algorithm (not visible)

Since there are many updates in Optimum Chart, you must download new version 1.73 for your trading. Now you can download new version directly from your existing Optimum Chart. However, if you still have any difficulties to download latest version 1.73 of Optimum Chart, then please contact us on:  customer.support@algotrading-investment.com


If you are MetaTrader users, then visit this link for advanced trading tools and systems.




Optimum Chart Version 1.73 Released - Fractal Moving Average Indicator - Correlation Ranking Heat Map


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