How to Remove Existing History Data in Optimum Chart

How to Remove Existing History Data in Optimum Chart

Optimum Chart is built in different data mechanism from rest of Trading platform. For example, MetaTrader or Ctrader, Ninja Trader, etc are using marginally different algorithm from Optimum Chart. In Optimum Chart we use approach all data transfer against selected data transfer.

What is the difference of the two ? For example, in MetaTrader, you would receive live data for the selected symbols in your market watch. Historical data would be only downloaded when you open chart.

In Optimum Chart, all data including history data is downloaded at the start. Hence, history and live data are all updated in the entire data base.

We much prefer this approach because Optimum Chart requires the scanning of buy and sell signal across entire data base consistently. The presence of history date and quote is always necessary.

Now, data transfer through internet can occasionally corrupted for some reason during client and server communication. Sometime, you might want to download entirely fresh data including historical data from our server.

This step is not necessary always because most of time you will get right data from our sever. However, you might use it when you need only.

1. Select Market either Forex or US Stock

2. Click on Remove History button

3. Click on Start button

That is all. Since history data is all removed, you will get download the fresh history data from server.

How to remove History Data in Optimum Chart






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