Overview on Fractal Pattern Indicator

Overview on Fractal Pattern Indicator

Fractal Pattern Indicator is the scientific tool to predict market turning point. The market turning point provides the most profitable and favorable entries for our trading. Hence, this indicator provides the practical needs for Forex and Stock market trading.

Then how Fractal Pattern Indicator predict market turning point ? It uses the well known methods, Probability. Fractal Pattern Indicator measures the turning point probability in price and time, then it presents you fast decision making.

What is even better? Fractal Pattern Indicator allow you to do multiple cycle analysis. Hence, Fractal Pattern Indicator helps you to predict not only small turning point but large turning point too.

Here is the list of main functionality of Fractal Pattern Indicator.

1. Real time Probability Grid in price and time

2. Real time Probability plot in price and time in indicator window

3. Multiple Cycle Analysis (up to four cycles)

4. Joint Probability Matrix

5. Fractal Moving Average

Above five tools are the powerful information generated in real time in your MetaTrader indicator. Since, we are using Turning Point Probability, you can trade and gauge your entry and market risk at the same time. Hence, Fractal Pattern Indicator is most logical trading system you can find in the market.

Here is the landing page to our  Fractal Pattern Indicator.




Fractal Pattern Indicator - Screenshot 1



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