EURUSD Market Outlook – 11 Nov 2019

EURUSD Market Outlook – 11 Nov 2019

Overall market is little stronger with bullish sentiment. Especially GBP is strong as you can see GBPUSD and GBPAUD is up today. However, this does not mean that you can just buy any currency pairs. For example, many currency pairs are bull but they are still in corrective phase. For example, EURUSD was keep falling last few days. With bullish BAT pattern, it was reacted bullish for around 20 pips but that was not much. It is because people are aware of the bearish sentiment in last few days in EURUSD. So I have marked the important resistance to gauge the strength of EURUSD. Demand zone marked is also useful support in the near future.

EURUSD Market Outlook - 11 Nov 2019



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