Profitable Patterns in Forex Market

Profitable Patterns in Forex Market


Recognizing Profitable Patterns can do a lot more than just using some technical indicators.  You will find that these profitable patterns will help your trading immensely in different angle from the technical indicators. Of course, you will need some guide before you understand how these profitable patterns work for your trading. Do not be mean to take some time to practice these methods. This could be the game changer for your trading career. If you want to become successful trader, you need both knowledge and practice on how these profitable patterns works for your trading. Below are the link to the book.

Link to Book 1:

Link to Book 2:

We do have some automated tools in detecting these profitable patterns for your trading too. Below are the links to the two of these automated profitable pattern detection indicator for your trading designed in Metatrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platform.

Harmonic Pattern Scenario planner

Profitable Pattern Scanner






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