Elliott Wave Trading Articles

Elliott Wave Trading Articles

Elliott Wave is the powerful way of predicting market movement. The method stood up nearly 90 years in the trading community. Still this method is considered as the best strategy for many professional trader. Here is some articles giving you insight about Elliott Wave and its automated tool.

1) How Elliott Wave can Improve your Trading Performance

This article covers the essence of “Template and Pattern Approach” to count Elliott Wave. Then it explains two steps:

  1. Building up wave counting using template (or patterns) first
  2. Use the Wave score to get the scientific justification or when the wave score is not available, then you can check the correct location of each wave point to judge the valid trading point


2) Basic Tutorial for Elliott Wave 1, 2, 3, 4 Pattern Identification

This is the medium sized article explain the detailed steps of identifying Elliott Wave 1234 pattern. After identifying the Elliott Wave 1234, this articles help you to further analysis the validity of patterns for your trading.


3) Identifying Corrective Wave in Elliott Wave

This is really short article helping you to find the corrective wave in price series. This is quick operational article. I think you should read article 1) and 2) before reading this article.


Here is link to the Elliott Wave Trend indicator








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