Enable Automatic Channel in Harmonic Pattern Indicator

Enable Automatic Channel in Harmonic Pattern Indicator

We provided powerful automatic channel features in the Harmonic Pattern Indicator. To enable the automatic Channel Function, just set Use Channel = true under Channel Parameter inputs.

Together with Harmonic Pattern and Elliott Wave patterns, the provided automatic channel can be the great help for your trading. Enjoy this powerful features. This feature applies to Harmonic Pattern Plus, Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner and X3 Chart Pattern Scanner.

Important Note to read

For your information, the provided channel are dynamic. As new bars are arrived in your chart, it will update the size of Standard deviation and 95% intervals in real time. Please bear this in your mind when you are using the provided channel. Another important note is that we provide Double Standard Deviation Channel for X3 Chart Pattern Scanner. This is the channel indicator specially tuned to work for Harmonic Pattern and X3 Pattern. It is more advanced Channel than the one shown in the screenshot below.


Harmonic Pattern Plus




Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner




X3 Chart Pattern Scanner




Enable Automatic Channel in Harmonic Pattern Indicator


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