Peak Trough Analysis New Version 1.3 Release -Free Indicator

Peak Trough Analysis New Version 1.3 Release -Free Indicator


If you know the principle, there is not doubt that this peak trough analysis tool is very powerful tool for your trading.

We have just updated Peak Trough Analysis to version 1.3.

Here is the download link for the free Peak Trough Analysis Tool for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. They are absolutely free. No worries about the cost.

You can also use this peak trough analysis to improve your profits with our products here. Below are the links to our product page.

For your information, here is the link to the book: “Scientific Guide To Price Action and Pattern Trading” from multiple E book distributors. This book will explain how to use peak trough analysis to achieve profits in forex trading. Note that depending on your ability, there can be several different trading strategies with peak trough analysis. The book explains this.

or for Kindle Publication

Book Link:




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