Peak Trough Analysis

Peak Trough Analysis

We have released Peak Trough Analysis tool on 2017 nearly at the same time we were writing on the book: Scientific Guide to Price Action and Pattern Trading (Wisdom of Trend, Cycle, and Fractal Wave).  It was because peak trough analysis helps you a lot of price action and pattern trading.

If know the principle, there is not doubt that this peak trough analysis tool is very powerful tool for your trading.

Here is the download link for the free Peak Trough Analysis Tool for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. They are absolutely free.

If you can understand how peak trough analysis works for your trading. You can use peak trough analysis together with either Advanced Price Pattern Scanner or Price Breakout Pattern Scanner to yield better profit. Both tools are great to be used together with above free peak trough analysis tools. Hence, we share the link for both.

Below are the links to Advanced Price Pattern Scanner.

Below are the links to Price breakout Pattern Scanner

You can also use our other product together with Peak Trough Analysis. Here is an entire product list.


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