Guide to Harmonic Pattern Plus

Guide to Harmonic Pattern Plus

Harmonic Pattern Plus provides so many powerful features for your live trading for the affordable price. For example, Harmonic Pattern Plus include below advanced features and more.

  • 11 Harmonic Pattern Detection
  • Automatic stop loss and take profit recognition for superb risk management
  • Pattern Completion Interval for precision trading
  • Potential Continuation Zone detection for future price prediction
  • Potential Reversal Zone detection for Point D identification
  • Automatic Channel Detection to go with Harmonic Pattern (Optional)
  • Multiple timeframe Pattern Analysis
  • Multiple timeframe Pattern Detection
  • Guided Trading Instruction for professional traders
  • Pattern Locking and Unlocking feature in your chart
  • Even more, please find it out.

Here is the introduction video for Harmonic Pattern Plus. You can use this video for training yourself for Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner too. Please note that you need MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 installed in your Window to use Harmonic Pattern Plus.


Below are the Links to Harmonic Pattern Plus


GBPUSD Market Outlook - Harmonic Pattern Plus - Ace Supply Demand Zone - 19 August 2019


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