How to Start Optimum Chart

How to Start Optimum Chart

Optimum Chart is a standalone charting and signal platform for both Forex and US Stock market. This is the simple steps to start Optimum Chart in your computer.

1. Firstly, choose data mode either Forex or Stock.

2. Secondly, press Start Optimum Chart button.

That is it. Now wait for sometime to synchronize market data, then optimum chart will start.

If you have not configured License for Optimum Chart yet, then you might have to configure License first. In that case, click on User License button to configure your license.

Optimum Chart Start

Some Notes about How to start

1. US stock market will take longer time to download and to start optimum chart because US stock market data consists nearly 20 times more data than Forex market. Please be patience with US stock data. For Forex, you will feel it much faster.

2. When you are using optimum chart for first time, regardless of what data mode you are choosing, optimum chart will download entire data for the chosen data mode.

3. To avoid any unnecessary data downloading time over the weekend or market closing hours, just use End of Day mode. It will just load Optimum chart with whatever data collected at last open.

4. When you are no longer using Optimum Chart and you want to save hard drive space, just press Remove History Data. This action will delete history data for the chosen data type. To remove both Forex and US Stock data, you have to do this action twice per each data mode.

Below is link to our Optimum Chart:





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