Advanced Price Pattern Scanner Version 6.5 Released

Advanced Price Pattern Scanner Version 6.5 Released

We have just released our Advanced Price Pattern Scanner Version 6.5. This is one of the best price pattern scanner in the market with following features.

1. Detect all the available price patterns at the same bar. – Most of pattern scanner only show one pattern at one bar. This one is different. You will be able to see all the influencing price patterns available on the same bar. Hence you can improve your chance to win.

2. The price pattern scanner is non repainting. All the patterns you saw in your chart can be traced back from historical patterns (just click over numbered circle in indicator window).

3. Even if price patterns are old and outside your sight but if they can influence in your current trading, then it will automatically remind you the old patterns (= Forward pattern detection mode. You can switch this option on and off from your input setting). How great is this ? You can think less now.

4. It can also detect advanced patterns like Cup and handle patterns with high success rate.

Please download the latest version 6.5 for the best performance possible. This is great metatrader price pattern scanner for all trader.

Here are the direct links for Advanced price Pattern Scanner.


Cup and Handle Pattern - Advanced Price Pattern Scanner



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