GBPUSD Market Outlook 2- 27 Feb 2019

GBPUSD Market Outlook 2- 27 Feb 2019

GBPUSD was almost immediately responded to our last post. Indeed, wedge pattern provided the timing of rest for GBPUSD. Analysis was generated from Advanced Price Pattern Scanner. The advantage of Advanced Price Pattern Scanner is that it will show multiple of patterns in one bar. Same patterns will be displayed in main window and sub window for different purpose. Patterns displayed in main window are there to alert you when price get close to particular patterns. Patterns displayed in sub window are there to show you when the patterns was formed. You use these two information to predict future price movement. Like our other tools, it is working good to see future market movement. No rocket science but simple and easy. Plus intuitive.


Advanced Price Pattern Scanner GBPUSD 2-27 Feb 2019



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