XAUUSD Spread Analysis-12 Feb 2019

XAUUSD Spread Analysis-12 Feb 2019

Gold is probably good runner lately in bull group. When things are going up, this is not for granted or not without any consequence. It would make gold spread from rest. Spread analysis shows such concept. Gold is moving further away from other correlated symbols like EURUSD and GBPUSD. Having said that, the spread is not extreme yet. Intraday signal is still calm. However, I give you early warning because when we enter the next level of spread, we can start to have the effect pretty soon. You can gauge it with how XAUUSD is treating the PRZ levels marked for now. Later market would reveal more of direct price patterns.

Analysis was generated from Pair Trading Station + Harmonic Pattern Plus.




Harmonic Pattern Plus-Advanced Price Pattern Scanner -XAUUSD S1543






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