EURUSD Market Outlook-13 Feb 2019

EURUSD Market Outlook-13 Feb 2019

After length fall on EURUSD, we have some turning point with the formation of AB=CD pattern. From harmonic pattern plus, you will see in fact AB=CD pattern from H1 and H4 timeframe. But AB=CD pattern in H1 timeframe seems to better one as Potential Continuation Zone is more accurate. For your information, you can just lock the AB=CD pattern in H1 timeframe and then change your timeframe to H4. That way you can bring AB=CD pattern in H1 timeframe to H4 timeframe. That is what I did in the screenshot.

Of course, if EURUSD want to go up, then it must break this Potential Continuation Zone first for sure. Hence, watch out the level.

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Harmonic Pattern Plus-Advanced Price Pattern Scanner -EURUSD S1543


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