GBPUSD Market Outlook-21 January 2019

GBPUSD Market Outlook-21 January 2019

As we expected, GBPUSD is treating the wedge pattern with care. However, we do not see the great momentum in GBPUSD. Always, run the Correlation Ranking Heat Map to check how your symbols are doing in relative to the other. GBPUSD is behind its other correlated currency pairs including EURUSD, etc. Its correlation group is also slighly behind the overall market. Watch out the progress carefully. To be more confident, we need the GBPUSD correlated pairs are going over overall market + GBPUSD is going over the GBPUSD correlated pairs. Then you are checking all the blind areas of Price Action and Pattern Trading.


harmonic pattern plus-price breakout pattern scanner -gbpusd s1502



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