Customize World Stock Trading Hours Indicator for your own trading

Customize World Stock Trading Hours Indicator for your own trading


15 April 2018

We provide Free and Customizable World Trading Hours indicators for your trading. Anyone can download from this free tool from the link below:

In this article, we will briefly show how you can customize the World Trading Hour Indicator for your own trading preferences. As a trader, you need to know who are participating in the market. The best way to check this is to know which national stock market is opened or closed. For example, if Moscow Stock market is opened, then this means that the Russian traders are active in the market. Likewise, when New York stock market is opened, US traders are highly active.

In addition, there are often two or three stock market are overlapping. This means that trading volume can be doubled or tripled during those hours. Now, you probably get an idea why watching market hours are important. You can always open this World Trading Hour indicator besides your trading platform.

So then how to use this powerful tool? It is simple. Firstly you will have local time hours heading. Blow the heading, the range of stock market hours for different countries will be listed. Then the red indicator will move to indicate which trading hour we are in. The red indicator will update its position at every 10 seconds. 1 hour have 4 sub (15 minutes) grids. Therefore, during 1 hour, the red indicator will move four times to the right.

World Trading Hours Indicator S001

In default indicator setup, we added six major stock markets in the world. However, this is customizable. For example you can add or remove different stock market from your own list. To do so, you have to edit TimeLine.txt file in the Product Folder.

World Trading Hours Indicator S002

That is it. Firstly open the TimeLine.txt file first to edit in your notepad.

World Trading Hours Indicator S003

The syntax of the text file consists of these seven fields.

  1. Title (or name) of stock market
  2. Color
  3. starting hour
  4. starting minutes
  5. ending hour
  6. ending minutes
  7. GMT offset.

In this example, let’s add Brazilian stock market as an example. To do so, we visited Wikipedia as our reference. Remember that you can always use other reference source. This is just an example.

In the Wikipedia example, Brazilian stock market have the following information.

  • City: San Paulo
  • Start Hour: 10:00
  • End Hour: 17:30
  • GMT Offset:  -3

Just translate this information to above seven fields.

  • Title (or name) of stock market: San Paulo
  • Color: Pink
  • starting hour: 10
  • starting minutes: 0
  • ending hour: 17
  • ending minutes: 30
  • GMT offset: -3

That is it. In the text file, you will put something like this:

San Paulo, Pink, 10,0, 17,30, -3

World Trading Hours Indicator S0042



Now let us check how this San Paulo stock market shows in our list. Restart Trading Investment Helper. Since we set Pink color for San Paulo market, this was showed as Pink color. When there are too many markets, then indictor create scrolls automatically so you can scroll up and down to see different market.

World Trading Hours Indicator S005e

This dynamic Trading Hour indicator is very useful because you can customize for your own preferences. What is even better?, this powerful tool is free. We hope you can improve your trading performance with it. If you have not downloaded it yet, here is the download link:


Feel free to visit our website to look for many other powerful trading system and tools.



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