New Article released for Remote Trade Copier Overview

New Article released for Remote Trade Copier Overview

Overview on Direct Connection Technology

Our remote Trade Copier is built on direct connection technology. Comparing to other remote trade copier using website based technology, our Remote Trade Copier can provide three to ten times fast copying speed. To accomplish the direct connection, receiver computer will be connected to Sender Computer using IP address. With slow copying speed, you can not operate remote copying because your sender and receiver will enter the position at huge different open price. This slippage between sender and receiver will eat up your profit from receiver side. This is the exact reason why we brought faster remote copying system for you.

What do you receive upon your purchase

When you purchase our Remote Trade Copier (including basic and light commercial), you will receive four files:

  • Sender EA.ex4 file (the name can be slightly different for version change)
  • RemoteConnectionMT4.dll
  • Receiver EA.ex4 file (the name can be slightely differnet for version change)
  • RemoteReceiverTerminal.exe

How to install for Sender

To install sender, you need Sender EA.ex4 and RemoteConnectionMT4.dll files. Copy Sender EA to Expert Advisor Folder and Copy RemoteConnectionMT4.dll files to Library Folder.

How to install for Receiver

To install receiver, you need Receiver EA.ex4 and RemoteReceiverTerminal.exe. Copy Receiver EA to Expert Advisor Folder and Copy RemoteReceiverTerminal.exe file to any folder in your hard drive C or even D.

All installation is done.

How to start copying remote Signal

Upon your installation, say you have installed Sender EA to Computer A and you have installed Receiver EA to Computer B (Computer A and Computer B are different).

  • Step 1: Attach Sender EA to any chart like EURUSD (Allow dll import).
  • Step 2: Attach Receiver EA to any chart like EURUSD (Allow dll import is not required.)
  • Step 3: Start RemoteReceiverTerminal.exe in your Hard Drive (Do not let any anti virus software or firewall interrupt its operation.)
  • Step 4: Enter IP Address of Sender computer and click Login. If everything is ok, then you will see the green light “Connection On” message.
  • Step 5: your Receiver EA will start to copy signals to your MetaTrader.

we now also offer 1 month rental option for our remote trading copier.

Remote Trade Copier ATI Alle1


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