Price Breakout Pattern Scanner Trading Robot (EA) project is back

Price Breakout Pattern Scanner Trading Robot (EA) project is back

We had released Price Breakout pattern Scanner in 2014 in both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 version. It has gone alread 4 years since then.

Price Breakout Pattern Scanner is still an excellent trading system serving many of professional traders in forex market globally. In 2015 we wanted to develop fully automatic trading robot based on Price Breakout Pattern Scanner but with the available computing power in 2015, it isn’t good enough to run this heavy computation trading robots. So we gave up.

We think that with current increased computing power last couple of years, we can finally build the fully automatic trading robot out of our Price Breakout Pattern Scanner.

Still more work to do but we have a good grip on the project.

So stay tuned for the further news. We will release more news about this cutting edge trading technology. By the way, Price Breaout Pattern Scanner MT4 and MT5 is the powerful manual trading system which can improve your trading performance marginally with smart renko built in feature.

Price Breakout Pattern Scanner EA



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