EURUSD Market Outlook-9 March 2018

EURUSD Market Outlook-9 March 2018

EURUSD turned at eactly after it touched the PRZ Type B levels. Once again, Smart Renko (Price Breakout pattern scanner) help you to identify the important support levels for EURUSD efficiently. Draw the support or resistance from smart renko, then just double click the lines to autcopy to your main window. you can not do this manually cause renko and candle stick chart is not using the same time scales. Use this automatic features and don’t do it manually. EURUSD is having some minor correction at the moment from its sharp fall from yesterday. Watch out B for your trading continuosly.

For your information, download version 6.9 for Price Breakout Pattern Scanner and version 6.3 for Smart Renko. Make the most from these powerful tool for your trading.

Harmonic Pattern Plus-Price Breakout Pattern Scanner-EURUSD S063


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