Customers from for Free Ebooks worth 48 dollar as the part of Exclusive deal

Customers from for Free Ebooks worth 48 dollar as the part of Exclusive deal

  • Free Ebook 1 (Price 38 dollar): Financial Trading with Five Regularities from Nature (Subtitle: Mastering the Fifth Regularity for Price Action and Pattern Trading)
  • Free Ebook 2 (Price 10 dollar): Risk Management for Harmonic Pattern Trading (Subtitle: The Practical Guide to the Precision Harmonic Pattern Trading)

Remember that these two free ebooks contains practical trading instruction and powerful trading strategies which can yield superb trading performance. Therefore, the exclusive deal have the real value for you. However, you might prefer to buy our products from, however, you still want to be exposed on our Exclusive Deal which offer the free ebooks worth 48 dollar. You are still valuable customers buying our products. So we can still offer you the free ebooks on your request. If the two conditions are met for your purchase,

  • you have bought the equivalent products to any of our speical offer package from in single purchase
  • You have bought the products after the 12 January 2018. You have requested the free ebooks within 1 month period from your purchase date.

Please remember that we do not have direct sales record from Therefore only way you can request the free ebook is to inform us. For this matter, you can contact us on If you have purchased our special offer package from, then there is no need for you to do anything because we will contact you direclty.

Read more information about our exclusive deal here:

EBook-Icon-Risk-Management-for-Harmonic-Pattern-Trading example e6


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