How to Read EBook for your Trading & Investment

How to read EBook for your Trading & Investment

As you know “” offer EBook service to our customers. Of course, this will help to improve your trading and investment knowledge as well as practical performance. We do really recommend that trader should invest serious time and efforts on good training before they trade on live.

Our ebook title is always available on too. If you prefer to read them on kindle, yes, of course, you can go ahead. Otherwise, you can just read on our own EBook platform which is similar to the PDF reader (See the Screenshot below).

Link to the EBook:  Financial Trading with Five Regularities of Nature

This book will teach you where the profit comes from in the financial market and how we profit from those market dynamics ( described as five regularties in the book.). With a lot of illustration on the practical trading, you can have one unified trading framework, on which  95% of trading strategies are based. Elliott wave, Harmonic Pattern, Price breakout Pattern trading and Support Resistance are the main trading strategies heavily focused in this book.

Link to the EBook:  Guide to Precision Harmonic Pattern Trading

This book is specialized for the precision harmonic pattern trading. With detailed entry and exit analysis, this book will help you to manage your trading with harmonic patterns yet which noone ever taught you before.

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