Market Outlook on EURUSD

Market Outlook on EURUSD

Currently EURUSD is running in the quite stretched volatility mode keep touching the top most harmonic Volatility line two times already. In first touch, there was strong reaction about 80 pips.

Now it have been touching again the top most harmonic volatility line.

There is also weekly Harmonic BAT Pattern supporting this reaction too. I have just locked the pattern in weekly timeframe and this screenshots is in fact in H1 timeframe. Therefore, it is not easy to see the entire pattern but you can see the final point D at 1.14176 and the Median open price line at 1.12746.

Also the Renko chart, we have Shark patterns at the same place as the Harmonic BAT Pattern.

First tactical place to watch out is to level where two harmonic volatility lines are crosses at 1.13888 (monthly and weekly).

Hope this analysis is helpful for your trading.


Harmonic Pattern Plus- Double Harmonic Volatility Indicator Renko





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