Product Update News for MT4/MT5 products

Product Update News for MT4/MT5 products

As we have mentioned in our couple of posts, we  have added the powerful feature of multiple patterns locking in our Harmonic Pattern Plus, Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner and Price Breakout Pattern Scanner. Here is what is the benefits in details.

Now multiple pattern locking is allowed in HPP, HPSP and PBPS. This means that trader can lock as many pattern as he want in the chart. This feature not only protects traders from the repainting and redrawing issues of the classic Pattern trading but also trader can enhance his trading performance by incorporating multiple timeframe patterns analysis at ease.

Now they are ready to be download in our website  for you. You should download HPP version 9.8, HPSP version 9.8 and PBPS version 6.8.

Just login to your account page and redownload the files. Here is how to do it.


Of course, these updates are in the processing stage for version and we will let you know when they have completed to process. Do not leave it to last minute. All our update is free of charge for MT4/MT5 products.


Price Breakout Pattern Scanner-New Update






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