Alert for Harmonic Pattern Plus

Alert For Harmonic Pattern Plus

So we have asked from few traders that the too frequent alert on the harmonic Pattern detection on our Harmonic Pattern Plus. Ok please read this to balance your trading decision.

There was time that we only allow pattern detection at each new bar only for our Harmonic Pattern Plus in our old version. However this is lagging to detect pattern at only after one new bar. So we made the pattern to be detected intra candle bar. For example, if you attach it to H1 chart, then Harmonic Pattern Plus can detect patterns at every 5 minutes or every 15 minutes, etc, you can do this by simply setting up the Update Frequency input from your current timeframe.

The idea behind the intra candle bar pattern detection is for the traders not to miss the crucial moment where the rewards risk is in favorof your trading. However, we do not allow to do it to detect pattern at every tick because this is too heavy for the computation.
If you do not like the idea of patttern detection at intra candle bar. Then you can just switch off by setting your pattern update frequency to the same time frame as your chart.
So you will notified once only per new candle bar. Therefore, you will also alerted once per new candle bar too reducing the alert frequency. This might be less attentive for your trading.
Howerver i think it is better to know the pattern during intra candle time to enter your trading where your rewards favour your risk.
If M5 is too much then you can probably do M15.
M15 can be fine. Also it save computation a lot.

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